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Eva Notty Feet

Eva Notty Feet ===

Eva Notty Feet

Whip had been dancing around the shock as if the ground under him werered-hot, and he couldn't keep his feet on any one spot for two seconds;but now he made a sudden dive into the gap from which Tad had pulled outold Ben.

"Not exactly. The leaves are mingled through the earth to sustain thegreat domes which they erect. The houses which these tropical ants buildare wonderfully different from the little ant-hills we see about here.They are not very high; it is true. The dome rises about two feet abovethe ground. But then it is more than forty[Pg 750] feet across. One of themwould reach nearly across our garden, like a great white swelling uponthe face of the earth. They certainly need something to hold togetherthe wet clay of their great domes."

"I hardly think your foot would cover forty square feet of ground,"remarked his uncle, lifting up the diminutive foot, and very gravelyexamining it. "And then there are the tunnels, running eighty or ahundred feet away in all directions. I am afraid this foot would not bequite large enough."

"Oh yes; some of the ants are wonderful diggers. There is a Texanspecies which on one occasion was found to have run a tunnel under acreek, fifteen or twenty feet deep and thirty feet wide, for the purposeof getting at the vegetables and fruits in a gentleman's garden on theother side of the creek."

The ice on Lake George was thick and strong in March, 1757, when theRangers, seventy-four in number, with iron spurs on their feet, severaldays' rations in their bags, their blankets rolled upon their shoulders,marching in single file, with trailed arms, Major Rogers at the head,and John Stark in the rear, started from Fort William Henry.

It was two o'clock in the afternoon. Rogers descended a hill, crossed abrook, and was picking his way up another hill, when he found himselfface to face with more than two hundred French and Indians, the nearestnot twenty feet distant.

My sister Bell went to Lassens Peak last week. It is 10,600 feethigh. There is no snow on the mountain now except a small patch ontop. Hundreds of small butterflies were flitting about on themountain-side and alighting on the rocks. As there is novegetation, except a few hardy plants scattered among the ledges,I wonder what they find to live on. A lake which could be seenfrom the top of the peak had the appearance of being frozen. Inthe valley below there are hot boiling springs.

I have a printing-press and a small breech-loading shot-gun thatfather made for me. I had a cat named Bill, but he is dead. Hewould jump over my arms, and stand up on his hind-feet and kissme, and sit up in the corner. 59ce067264

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