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Balrum Download Setup

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Balrum Download Setup

First and foremost, thank you for everyone who sent us bug reports! We have been working on fixing these bugs and rethinking some elements of the game based on your feedback on the forums. It is time to release a new version of the beta. This version is mainly a bugfix version. There are a few content related updates but our main focus was to make the engine as bug free as possible. In the coming weeks we will fix the remaining few issues and any new bugs that we find. After that we will focus on content. Based on your feedback we know that we have to rethink and redesign pretty much all crafting systems and skills. So the upcoming update for the beta will be a major content update. You can download the updated game form the usual link.

Exciting things will happen with Balrum in the coming months and we will keep you informed here on kickstarter and at our webpage! It was a hard Kickstarter but we made it! We are so touched by the great feedback that we recieved from you guys! We will setup a PayPal option so that people can still support us! Check out our website or click on the PayPal logo on our Kickstarter page! (It will be up and running in a few days)

If you backed our project you will receive the expansion of Balrum for free!! The expansion will mainly focus on the islands of Balrum. So yes, if you helped us out here on Kickstarter you will get the expansion for free! We are super excited about this :), one word: voodoo, ok two words: voodoo, underworld. And.. you will be able to download 2 high resolution wallpapers. One Balrum wallpaper and one wallpaper about the expansion! And again, we deeply thank you for your support folks! Thank you!

Just bought and downloaded the game on release, launching it instantly gives me an error message explaining there has been a crash and a crash report has been saved. I tried the usual steps, restarting PC, running as admin, verifying game files.

Also, I noticed something special about the Ylands installation that's different from the usual Steam installation process:After downloading, upon first launching the application, normally I would get a Steam window popup, saying its installing VCRedist and I believe DirectX too, before launching the game itself. This hasn't happened on any of the installs I tried to run for Ylands. Is this normal behaviour

Oh, dammit! I am sooooo sorry for the trouble I have caused you, just tie me up and put me in a cave. When I googled the error message and read it COULD BE caused by incompatible savefiles due to platform switching I assumed that was the case here. So I forgot thinking about other possible causes, including the most obvious one. Now I did some further testing and it turned out it was caused by a broken game install or damaged game files on the windows machine. When I downloaded the game again and reinstalled it, everything seems to be working. Stop looking into the issue, there is nothing wrong with the game or my savefiles, the error was on my computer's side and must have been caused by a bad file transfer when I moved the gamefiles via USB-Drive to the Windows machine (because it doesn't have an internet connection, it's a retro games emulation console running windows under the hood). Again, I'm so sorry for troubling you with this. After the reinstall everything seems to be working.

When did you buy the game If you did buy it with this account, then it should be in the game library of your account together with any other games you may have bought on Itch. If you used another account, or you bought the game without an account, then you should have been sent an email with a download key.

It was with this account, it was just before you released the update. It showed I had purchased it on my account but when I went to the update release page it wouldnt let me download, so I just downloaded the lastest version from my page which worked for me, I transferred my save and everything works perfectly. Sorry fo

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