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Spirituality In Recovery [PORTABLE]

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Spirituality In Recovery [PORTABLE]

Addiction recovery is a time of change and restoration. While this often leads to positive growth, it can also be draining and overwhelming. For this reason, many people lean on their spirituality during addiction recovery. For some people, spiritual recovery involves practicing their religion. For others, spirituality may mean something different, like a connection with nature or a path of personal growth. No matter the definition, spirituality can provide many benefits for people in addiction recovery.

Addiction recovery is a leap of faith to challenge harmful thoughts and beliefs. Spirituality can provide guidance for better ways of living. Spirituality in recovery is common but not universal. A small number of recovery programs have been created for people who do not want to focus on personal spirituality. These groups focus on practical coping methods and scientific findings as guidance through addiction recovery. In the end, people seeking help from recovery groups need to find programs they can relate to.

Spirituality has a consistent role in many recovery programs. Because spirituality is extremely personal, many programs leave the definition up to the individual. This broad term can refer to a connection with a higher power outside of the individual or to a broader sense of meaning. Spirituality can also be defined as a connection to nature, to the universe or all living creatures. People can define spirituality by whatever connection is meaningful to them.

Religion is a more structured and defined way of expressing spirituality. It often involves a sense of community and connection with others and is guided through traditions, rites, rituals and organized leadership.

Healing from drug addiction can be a challenging process. For many people in recovery, accepting personal responsibility is painful. Practicing spirituality can provide healing from past mistakes. Spiritual healing often involves forgiveness, reconnecting with others and finding a sense of belonging.

Gratitude is a common and strong theme through many forms of spirituality. When a person follows the guidance of a higher power or spiritual beliefs, they are encouraged and often inspired to feel more grateful in their life. Gratitude has an important role in recovery. It helps people stay focused on the positive and helpful things in their lives. While much about addiction recovery can be emotionally upsetting, cultivating a sense of gratitude can make an important difference and help remind people of the numerous benefits of sober living.

Many people feel lost and without a sense of purpose in life after addiction. These individuals are unsure about finding purpose on their own, so they turn to spirituality for help. Spirituality encourages people to focus beyond themselves and step out of their comfort zone to help others. This activity often helps people find ways to feel useful, important and valued. From that sense of purpose and value comes higher self-esteem and confidence.

Connections are powerful during addiction recovery and support can make a huge difference for an individual. Addiction pushes people to isolate themselves and disconnect from others. Spirituality encourages connections with others to restore a sense of belonging. People can connect with a higher power within themselves, in others, in nature or from a variety of other sources.

Those in early recovery will see the word spirituality often, but what is spirituality in recovery In recovery, spirituality refers to tapping into the part of human existence that is outside of yourself. Spirituality involves reaching out to something bigger than yourself and exploring your relationship with the grand universe. It involves asking unanswerable questions or tapping into a new part of your brain and soul.

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