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Omnes Bold Font

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Omnes Bold is a Bold OpenType Font. It has been downloaded 1782 times. 6 users have given the font a rating of 4.33 out of 5. You can find more information about Omnes Bold and it's character map in the sections below. Please verify that you're a human to download the font for free.

Omnes Bold is a Bold OpenType Font. You can use this font for your personal and professional work. With this font, you can create multipurpose things. Every letter has been hand-drawn and crafted with the utmost care. Tattoo artists prefer this font to enhance the quality of their designs, and magazines and blog writers use this font family.

Omnes by Darden Studio is the corporate font for the visual identity of Moda Health. The health insurance company successfully communicates in a uniform typographic voice across a wide range of media, increasing brand recognition. Selected for its affable visual qualities, Omnes is employed for websites, ad campaigns, brochures, info leaflets, member ID cards, and promotional items.

I'm doing a Photoshop-to-XHTML conversion, and the website designer used the Myriad Pro Semi-bold font which looks good in the photoshop file, but when I try the semi-bold option in CSS, it looks pretty much like a normal bold font, which is too bold for my purpose. Is there a way to achieve a nicer looking semi-bold font in HTML and CSS or am I just stuck with 'font-weight: 600;'

Web browsers have been poor at implementing font weights by the book: they largely cannot find the specific weight version, except bold. The workaround is to include the information in the font family name, even though this is not how things are supposed to work.

Testing with Segoe UI, which often exists in different font weight versions on Windows systems, I was able to make Internet Explorer 9 select the proper version when using the logical approach (of using the font family name Segoe UI and different font-weight values), but it failed on Firefox 9 and Chrome 16 (only normal and bold work). On all of these browsers, for example, setting font-family: Segoe UI Light works OK.

For example, extra-bold will make the font look quite different in say, Photoshop, because you're selecting a different font. The same applies to italic font, which can look very different indeed. Setting font-weight:800 or font-style:italic may result in just a best effort of the web browser to fatten or slant the normal font in the family.

(You may use the fall-backs of serif and sans-serif, but you will get the font mapped to these by the individual web browser version used, within the fonts available in the OS version it's running under, and not what you designed.)

"The document [filename] uses fonts that are either currently unavailable on your computer or no longer supported in InDesign. Closing the dialog box will substitute the missing fonts with the default font."

Install the missing fonts in InDesign or InCopy. If the fonts are already installed, and you use a font management utility, make sure that the fonts are activated. If you use a font management utility, then consult the documentation included with the utility for instructions.

InDesign and InCopy support only installed font styles. Some fonts, such as Critter, don't include bold or italic styles. In such cases, select the plain version of the font in InDesign or InCopy. Ensure that the font style (for example, Tekton Bold, Optima Oblique) is installed or change the font style to the one available in InDesign or InCopy.

Make sure that the font appears in another application to verify that the font is installed correctly. If the font doesn't appear in another application, reinstall the font. After you install a font, it is sometimes necessary to restart the computer for the font to become available.

InDesign and InCopy check for missing fonts when opening files or importing text or graphics. If the application cannot locate a font, it returns an alert and lists the font in the Missing section of the Font menu.

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